Friday, October 11, 2013

To Be or Not to Be (Blogcademy Scholarship Entry)

My name is Sarah

I live in Christchurch 
I like Fashion, Cars, piercings, dyeing my hair bright colours, travelling and lots more!
I have been blogging for a number of years now & I really enjoy it, I want to take my blog to the NEXT LEVEL!
To do this I need the help of three lovely ladies including fellow NZ'er Gala Darling, along with Shauna and Kat who make up the Blogcademy
I am usually a very organised person, but I am currently away from home and I have been having a hard time lately so unfortunately I completely forgot about the Blogcademy Scholarship!
So whilst this is super uncreative and short notice I hope I will be given a shot to attend the Blogcademy, I am being made redundant next year and I really want to learn all I can about blogging so in the mean time I can see where it leads me and who knows, I might be able to blog fulltime for a job instead! The world is my oyster right now and I got only myself to think about, and you know what? I am damn well gonna pursue my dreams!!
I feel as though this is a turning point in my life and these three gorgeous, glittering ladies and their Blogcademy is a great way to start off the next chapter in my life and the next chapter for Haus of Sarah Rachel!
So I shall sit here with my fingers and toes crossed and a hopeful glaze in my eyes, if I was given this opportunity I guarantee these girls would not forget me, I am determined to make something of my life and my blog while changing others lives as well! (one goofy face at a time hehe)
Wish me luck guys!
Happy Friday (TGIF!) xxx


  1. Hi Sarah, good luck with your application!! Hope to meet you there. BTW, you have an awesome wardrobe, I had a quick look at some of your posts. Break ups are never easy and more so when you share the same circle of friends. But your attitude and plan sounds fab!! Janine

    1. Thanks so much Janine, I hope I get to see you there too! xx


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