Friday, December 6, 2013

Being Genuine

Hey Everyone, yay its Friday again! These pictures were taken a few Fridays ago now in an Auckland hotel room. We went up for my end of year black tie workdo/awards ceremony. A fun night with food, drink, laughs, dancing and of course awards! Our work is all about being "Genuine" we follow 7 Genuine Values in our workplace. I think its pretty cool and its something you can not only adhere to at work but also in your personal life, so everyone, be Genuine!
I bought the dress from H & M in Thailand when I was there in April, its suuuuper tight lol I thought it was a bit dressy for a night out on the town so saved it for this event :)

Dress - H & M
Heels - Jeffrey Campbell
Happy Friday Lovelies xxx
P.S. Sorry about the average pics, the lighting was terrible and my friends aren't photographers lol


  1. Nice dress, really flatters your body

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  3. very classy look!!
    nice outfit dear!!...............:)

    would you like to follow eachother?


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