Monday, December 9, 2013

Maxi Skirt with a Twist

Hey Everyone, how was your weekend? I had a pretty damn good one, went out with a mate for dinner at Nando's Friday night, I hadn't been there before so was about time! We chilled then headed to bed at a decent hour, Saturday I went to The Wine and Food Festival with my friend Chloe, we wandered around in the sun, ate, tasted wine and chilled, afterwards we got dressed up, had some nachos for tea then headed out with a bunch of mates on a party bus trip! Was good fun and caught up with some people I hadn't seen in awhile. Sunday was pretty cruisy, I got my hair done, chilled, went, my friend cooked me a yummy dinner then we went out for a few quiets and went to see Thor, it was pretty good, especially the part where he takes his shirt off haha.
I wore this a few Sundays ago to go catch a band and have a few quiets at one of the pubs across the road. I liked the two splits in the otherwise plain black maxi skirt, good for a bit of fresh air on the legs haha

Top - JayJays
Skirt - Valley Girl
Flats - Primark
Necklace - Diva
Happy Monday Lovelies! xxx


  1. Looks like you had a blast this weekend.. Maxi skirt suits you :)
    Have a great week

  2. Beautiful! Loving the colour of your dress and maxi is so pretty!
    nice hair style...............:)

  3. The Wine and Food Festival, nachos for tea, a party bus trip - my dream day!!!:D But what actually is a party bus trip?! You party on the bus or do you have 'pit stops'? Party stops!:) Either way I wanna go on a party bus trip.

  4. Hey Sarah,you look stunning in the attire,love the combination.
    would you be able to help me with skirt -i did try to get the same skirt from valley girl,but i couldnt find it in store/ there any article# to the skirt or a link that could help me?

    Thanks in advance!

  5. Hey hun, sorry its probably sold out, I got it quite awhile ago! Not much help am I lol


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