Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Races

Hey Everyone, how is your week going? Yay for nearly the middle of the week haha. These pics are from Race day last month before the intoxication haha. I went and got myself a headband with a giant flower on it, added a black belt and black cut out heels and good to go! It was a super hot day unlike last year which was a little chilly.

With my flattie Nancy
Dress - Asos
Belt - Valley Girl
Heels - Jeffrey Campbell
Headband - Equip
Happy Tuesday Lovelies xxx


  1. Ha, I love your giant flower headband!!! I have an orange flower as huge as that and I think it's very cool, of course.:D

    Now that I know what a party bus trip is I can say that I wasn't mistaken when I said I wanna partake!!:D But how come you can't drink on the bus, that's criminal! I know, I know, it's actually criminal if you do, but that sucks..:)

  2. U look gorgeous in the blue dress.. Just loved your headgear
    Please come and enter my $50 Persunmall giveaway.

  3. U look fantastic in blue dress..!! Love your style


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