Monday, December 16, 2013

Two Tone

Hey everyone! How was your weekend? I cant believe there is only one more weekend and then its Christmas! I have one more present to get then I'm ready to go whoo hoo!

I had a pretty good weekend, the weather is starting to heat up and it just puts me in such a good mood! I caught up with a friend on Friday night for a few drinks and an overdue catchup, Saturday some of my girls and I went for a road trip to Hanmer Springs, did some swimming, sunbathing and chilled in the hot pools, it was a bit hot to stay in them for too long though!
We got a delicious lunch then headed back to Christchurch where we had a few mates over, had a few drinks and played Cards Against Humanity - if you haven't played this game you have to its so hilarious! We ventured over the road to the local and played some pool then stumbled home later.
Sunday was pretty cruisy, chilled, went to the local for some two for one Stone-grills and desserts then my flatmate dragged me to see Dirt Dancing on the big screen....I've never seen wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but I think once is enough for me to see it!! I'm not a huge chick flick person lol.
I wore this a few weekends ago when it was a bit cooler, two tone sheer shirt and electric blue jeans with black stripes down the sides, not sure what I'm doing in the first pic, I think its my stupid looking cheesy face haha, thought I'd include it so you guys can have a giggle at me :P Note how fast the blue hair is fading too!!

Shirt - Boohoo
Jeans - Cotton On
Booties - Primark
Happy Monday Lovelies xxx


  1. Love your style...! Good outfit...!! Lovely boots

  2. I checked what that Cards Against Humanity game is...:D It's pretty entertaining, I hope they deliver to EU.:D

    And to answer your question: I just constantly send my CV to publishing houses and translation agencies and tell them I'm willing to work and whenever whoever needs my assistance - I'm there. It's not the most reliable job in the world but at least I don't have to work in an office from 7 to 3 (those are the usual working hours here, not 9 to 5:)).

    P.S.: Those jeans!!! I love striped two tone pants, especially when they're blue!

    1. Oh its freaking hilarious!! Ahh that makes sence :) Thanks hun xx

  3. gorgeous, I love how you incorporated the two-toned look in both your top and pants! hope you're having a lovely week! :)

    Metallic Paws


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