Thursday, April 12, 2012

Flower Power

Hi Lovelies, yay for short weeks much! Nearly the weekend again already whoo hoo! I have a Tuppaware party to attend at a friends house just down the road tomorrow then a girls night out Saturday, got a mate coming down for the weekend too so should be good!

We are now onto the first outfit pictures at our new house excite! Today you only get to see a sliding door and some net curtains but you'll see some nice(ish) garden soon enough haha.  Also please exscuse me looking tired as these were literally taken the day we moved in, we moved in, unpacked, shit, shower and shave and out the door to a mates house warming! Very tired much.

Dress - Trademe, Boots - Number 1 Shoes, Belt - Trendz

I just love the print on this dress, pity I can only wear it with tights its raaaaaaaaather short.
Im totally dying waiting for my items from Romwe to arrive, I got a card in the mail today to go pick something up so Im hoping thats it, however I wont be able to do that until Saturday grrrrr totally freaking they wont fit eeeeeeeeeeeek anyways Im off to Kickfit class now!

Happy Thursday Lovelies xxx


  1. This is so sweet! what do you say about following each other?:X

  2. Love your blue hair coordinating with this dress, and i love your boots too!

    And i can't believe you said shit shower and shave! ahahahahhaahha!!!!! :)

    Sadie xx

    1. Thanks Sadie! haha well thats how I roll, its more from a dudes point of view but ya get the point :P x

  3. love the florals! cute how they match your hair perfectly :D


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