Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Just call me Blue

Hey Folks, well here it is my latest colour - blue! The colour turned out better than expected (blue can be difficult) but like the red, its faded very quickly :( I still cant decide what my favourite colour is so far.....

The photos dont really do it justice as it was freaking windy again grrr. Im not sure about this dress either, I got it nice and cheap and its super comfy but seeing it in pictures Im not sure.....dont you hate that?

Dress - Warehouse, Tights - Won from a giveaway, Boots - Number 1 Shoes

One more day of work then a 4 day weekend yay! We had free sushi today at work, a shared lunch tomorrow and easter eggs yay! Dont worry Im eating healthy in between and going to the gym :P

Happy Wednesday Lovelies xxx


  1. I knew I saw some blue! It looks soooo coooooll. You should definitely turn your whole hair that colour :) I think your dress looks quite lovely!

    1. haha I wish! Dont think work woudl like that :P Thanks hun xx

  2. Your hair is so trendy! :) i love the stockings, don't they just do wonders for an outfit <33


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