Friday, April 13, 2012

Life Lately

Hello my lovelies, somethign a bit different today - some snaps into what Ive been up to lately! We finally had our house warming recently and we road tripped it to Hanmer Springs (about 1.5 hours out of Christchurch) on Good Friday with some mates....heres what we got up to:

My girl Carrie and myself before the house warming got started (and a sneak peek of an up-coming outfit!)

Me and my friend Chloe a bit later in the evening

Road trip! Massive amount of traffic, we were going about 20km/hr in a 100km zone!

Got bored in traffic jam so pictures out the sunroof it is!

mmmm Cider - and look sheep!haha

Doggys on the carpet at Robbies for lunch in Hamner Springs

Found us a skate park/playground park area to park up and drink in ;)

Going in for a pash with the bf ;)

A bunch of us

Later on in the evening with random poses....

Went for a walk along the beach on the way home.....found a huge hole.....had to get pictures of course!!

Well there ya have it some random pictures hehe. Hopefully I will get some more tomorrow night - girls night!

Happy Friday Lovelies xxx


  1. Looks like a fun Easter weekend girly! :) love your outfit in the first pic. Have a good weekend! :)


    1. Thanks hun! It wa super fun. Have a fab weekend too xx


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