Monday, April 16, 2012

Lace on Lace

Why hello lovelies, did we all have a fun weekend? I caught up with a mate who was down and went out with him and the girls for a bit of a dance and a drive up the hills which overlook Christchurch, fun times! I also bought me a new TV along with a pretty cabinet yesterday.....pretty much in love. For the last 6ish years my TV has been a huge old $200 Warehouse jobby, scored myself a 42" flatscreen jobby for just over twice that....not a bad deal! Finally get to see what this freeview is all about haha.

Anywho Ive wanted to try lace on lace for awhile now but keep forgetting so here it is folks! Black and white lace on lace with some electric blue thrown in for good mix!

Heels - Jeffrey Campbel Via Andrea Biani, Skirt - JayJays, Top - Valley Girl

You also get to see a bit of our garden whoo hoo how exciting right?

Happy Monday lovelies xxx


  1. Those really are amazing shoes!
    Loving the lace combo.

    My old TV cost me $40 and included the cabinet - my man hated it and brought a 55 inch monstrosity that cost us a fortune. Men & women can be so different

    1. Thanks hun! Yeah they're special. James wants one worth $1200 odd....Im happy with a cheapy!x

  2. lace on lace looks great! I would never have thought of combining them but it really works. love the pop of blue too :) x


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