Sunday, April 29, 2012

Scenic Surrounds

Hi Lovelies, apologies for the delay in posts but I ended up going home from work sick Friday and couldnt manage much else but lying on the couch in front of the TV, I then had to work 8am - 6pm Saturday while still not feeling 100% not cool! Feeling better today thank god, although a good nights sleep wouldnt hurt!

Soooo back to my pictures from our trip to Queenstown, you got a sneek peek of this outfit the other day and here it is! I love love this dress its such a gorgeous colour and I do love me some lace. Only problem is the zip is soooo hard to do up - feels like its going to break :( Im hoping to swap it for another one but there doesnt seem to be many left. This day we went on a hour and a half boat cruise - doesnt the lake look fabulously smooth?

On the boat cruise - scuse the hair it was windy!

Dress - Glassons, Belt - Trademe, Flats - Warehouse, Tights - Farmers

Spot the duckies?

Its so nice to get some outfit pictures with a different background - a gorgeous scenic one at that! People travel all over the world to see Queenstown and we had to fly for about 35 Minutes and we were there hehe. More pictures soon!

Happy Sunday Lovelies xxx


  1. I do love that dress, such a great colour.
    Queenstown is gorgeous.
    Hope you feel 100% asap xo

  2. hey lovely! thanks so much for your comment in my blog, of course I want to follow each other, you blog is so nice! :D I'm following;)

  3. That dress is perfect with that lovely backdrop! Great photos!


  4. So lovely outfit :) <3


  5. this dress looks so good on you:)

    xx claude//

  6. lovely outfit! really love the dress and the leopard print belt!


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