Monday, April 30, 2012

Out & About in Queenstown

Hi Lovelies,

What a fab Monday it was today, ya know why? Cos I didnt have work! Plus it was a gorgeous day. I caught up with a mate for an excersise session in the park, followed by Sushi for lunch. I then caught up with the lovely Julia from porcelain-complexion and went thrifting, it was fab to catch up again! I followed that all up with making citrus slice whilst sipping a glass of wine - great way to wind down a good Monday.

Back to my holiday pictures though, unfortunately since its getting dark so early I didnt manage to get pics of this outfit when it was light, so crappy in hotel shots it is! The first night we were in Qtown was Saturday night so we dressed up (well I did haha) went out for tea and checked out a few clubs. I wore this fab multicoloured dress:

Dress - Valley Girl, Boots - Number 1 Shoes

We went to The World Bar and had "tea pots" - basically cocktails in tea pots hehe

Happy Monday Lovelies, see you soon xxx

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Scenic Surrounds

Hi Lovelies, apologies for the delay in posts but I ended up going home from work sick Friday and couldnt manage much else but lying on the couch in front of the TV, I then had to work 8am - 6pm Saturday while still not feeling 100% not cool! Feeling better today thank god, although a good nights sleep wouldnt hurt!

Soooo back to my pictures from our trip to Queenstown, you got a sneek peek of this outfit the other day and here it is! I love love this dress its such a gorgeous colour and I do love me some lace. Only problem is the zip is soooo hard to do up - feels like its going to break :( Im hoping to swap it for another one but there doesnt seem to be many left. This day we went on a hour and a half boat cruise - doesnt the lake look fabulously smooth?

On the boat cruise - scuse the hair it was windy!

Dress - Glassons, Belt - Trademe, Flats - Warehouse, Tights - Farmers

Spot the duckies?

Its so nice to get some outfit pictures with a different background - a gorgeous scenic one at that! People travel all over the world to see Queenstown and we had to fly for about 35 Minutes and we were there hehe. More pictures soon!

Happy Sunday Lovelies xxx

Thursday, April 26, 2012

In Brief

Hi all! Im back from a lovely wee holiday in Queenstown with the bf. I have sooo many pictures so I will start off today with some snippets, then an outfit for you tomorrow (a sneek peek below!)

We had a great time, the weather was mostly sunny the whole time with mildish temperatures, getting pretty damn chilly at night though!

check out some pics below:

Our Hotel Room


View out of hotel

Fergburger! I had the Morning Glory it was delish!

Gorgeous scenery everywhere

Beautiful panorama the boy took of the bay

The iconic Earnslaw Steam ship

Me and the bf on a cruise ship we went on :)

Thats all for today folks, more to come! Looking forward to catching up on your blogs.

Happy Thursday Lovelies xxx

Monday, April 23, 2012

A Serious Issue

Hi Lovelies,

While I am having a fabulous time in Queenstown I have something a bit different on the blog. Today I have a guest post from Jackie Clark. The topic is Cancer.....and fashion! Have a read below and see what its all about: 

Fashion has long shown to be something that can improve your outlook and your attitude, especially during tough times. Mesothelioma cancer is something that can take the wind straight out of your sails, and you’ll discover that you are scrambling for all sorts of tools that will help you cope. Fashion can help you center yourself, so think about what haute couture tips can take some of the burden out of your visits with your doctors.
Remember that one of the first and most important priorities that you have is to maintain good lines. As so many fashionistas have told us, it doesn’t matter how trendy an outfit is unless it fits you well! If you have gained or lost weight during the length of your treatment, you are going to discover that it is a great idea to have some of your favorite outfits taken in or let out. This is a fairly simple process and in the end you want to feel as comfortable and beautiful as possible.

Take some time to think about your outfits and to consider what kind of outfits you want to put together. When you are dealing with high fashion, it is always a good idea to think about what your theme is going to be. Do you want something elegantly feminine or do you prefer the idea of tailored and casual? Be clear with yourself about your vision. If you are ready to make an impact in your world, be ready to go all the way. Consider doing some sketches of your profile and think about the clothes that would best suit you.
High fashion does not have to be out of your reach. If you are worried about bills, spend your time at the vintage stores and the thrift stores. These stores often have excellent clothing that is intended for professional wear, and you can pick up some excellent pieces that you may not find elsewhere. There are some fantastic effects out there that you can put together out of small bits that you find here and there.
What colors please you?  No matter what kind of colors you love, chances are good that you can find a scarf of the same shade.  A small amount of color wrapped around your neck or over your head can change your look entirely and this small thing can make a huge difference.
When you are ready to head out and make a splash in the world, let it be in the field of fashion. Whether you are a dedicated fashionista or you are someone who prefers an easy, breezy style, take your time and put together a look that is fantastic for you.

About the author:

Jackie joined the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance in 2009 as research assistant after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in English. Jackie's interest in health and wellness spawned into a passion for fashion from her desire to treat her body well. Jackie saw the power in fashion and how it can enhance a woman's overall self-esteem. As a result of this, Jackie was able to blend her experience in technical and medical research to assist in the development of medical content and outreach efforts, with specializations in alternative care, cancer support programs, and social media campaigns. To learn more about Jackie follow her blog and writings at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Blog.

Thanks Jackie! Hope you enjoyed the post lovelies, I will be seeing you soon xxx

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy Anniversary Baby I got you on my Mind

Today I am celebrating 4 years with my Love in beautiful Queenstown. Love you baby xoxo

Friday, April 20, 2012

Giving Back

Hi Lovelies! TGIF, its been a long week. I go to post today and Blogger has changed eeeek! Gonna take a bit to get used to this me thinks. Anywho Im feeling pretty good today, Ive owned the gym this week and today I gave a pair of jeans away to go to homeless people! Feels good to give back. If you are in Australia or New Zealand and want to do the same check out what its all about  here basically you take your jeans to your nearest Volcom store/stockist and they are then passed on to homeless people throughout Oz and NZ, you also get something in return (Igot a bag & a sticker!) and go in the draw to win some other fab prizes including a motorbike! DOT IT.

The other reason Im feeling pretty good (other than work is over for the week) is that Im going to Queenstown tomorrow! I havent been for a few years now so looking forward to it. I will be sure to get lots of pictures for you to peep, its a gorgeous place.

Skirt & Leopard Flats - Warehouse, Shirt - Dotti, Tights - Farmers

A super comfy simple outfit for you today, cant beat em really. Thats what I will be all about in Queenstown as we will be walking everywhere.

Happy Friday folks! xxx

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Leopard Print & Polka Dots!

Hello hello! Half way through the week already whoo hoo! Looking forward to the weekend, the boy and I are going to Queenstown for 5 days excite! I quite enjoy clashing my prints and this outfit is no odd pairing; my leopad print blazer and a polka dot shirt....I like it though! What ya'll think? I also got bored and decided to fiddle with the lighting on a few photos, what do you like better black and white or the darker contrast?

Boots - Number 1 Shoes, Skirt - Supre, Shirt - Trademe, Blazer - Dotti

Happy Wednesday Lovelies xxx

Monday, April 16, 2012

Lace on Lace

Why hello lovelies, did we all have a fun weekend? I caught up with a mate who was down and went out with him and the girls for a bit of a dance and a drive up the hills which overlook Christchurch, fun times! I also bought me a new TV along with a pretty cabinet yesterday.....pretty much in love. For the last 6ish years my TV has been a huge old $200 Warehouse jobby, scored myself a 42" flatscreen jobby for just over twice that....not a bad deal! Finally get to see what this freeview is all about haha.

Anywho Ive wanted to try lace on lace for awhile now but keep forgetting so here it is folks! Black and white lace on lace with some electric blue thrown in for good mix!

Heels - Jeffrey Campbel Via Andrea Biani, Skirt - JayJays, Top - Valley Girl

You also get to see a bit of our garden whoo hoo how exciting right?

Happy Monday lovelies xxx