Thursday, July 18, 2013

College Jacket, Peplums, Wedge Kicks & Bright Hair

Hello Lovelies, not such a great day today. My wisdom tooth I got out yesterday bled all night and I had to go back to the dentist & get stitches :( I wont go into the rest of the day but lets just say happy to forget today!

I loved this outfit though, super comfy and casual but chic too. I picked these jeans up recently for $10!! Crazy huh? I couldn't resist. Love the zip detailing and the stripes on the sides.

Peplum Top - Shanton
College Jacket - Valley Girl
Jeans - Cotton On
Wedge Sneakers - Isabel Marant
Heres to a great day tomorrow, Its my Mums Birthday and I am going to a track day, nothing better than letting it all out while driving fast around corners hehe.
Happy Thursday Lovelies xxx


  1. Oh no wisdom teeth are the worst, i eventually have to get mine out but have been putting it off. Love your pants so fun. I hope your mum has a lovely birthday.

    1. Yeah Ive put it off too, couldn't any longer though it was in pretty bad shape haha. Thanks hun xx

  2. nice outfit:)

  3. that jacket is amazing! hope your mouth feels better, wisdom teeth are the worst :( x

    1. Thanks hun, its feeling much better today x


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