Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 2012 Flashback

Hi Lovelies, mid week is here already! Today I am sharing some pictures from July last year! I got up to a wee bit of creative experimenting :)

 I had a fun photoshoot!

I dyed my tips Turquoise

I experimented with funky tights and purple dresses :P
Stay tuned for an outfit post from THIS July tomorrow. Happy Wednesday Lovelies xxx


  1. Very beautiful and amazing style ;)

    I follow you beautiful blog. I hope you will follow me back and I will wait for you in my blog

  2. OOh love the use of lace, blazers, and chunky boots. Well done :)

  3. Ur so creative... Looks like u experiment with your hair a lot... Ur turquoise hair tips a lot...
    Keep in touch

    1. Awwww thanks, yeah i like to experiment with my hair hehe x


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