Saturday, July 20, 2013

Purple Peplums with Suspender Tights

Hi Lovelies, the weekend has arrived. This week has certainly been interesting! I ended up with a four day weekend due to my wisdom tooth complications. Thursday was a bit of a shit day though which didn't help. Yesterday was much better though, my bf and I and some mates headed out to the track and did some circuits. The bf has been building his car for as long as I've been with him - over 5 years and its finally going, it was his first time driving on the track after the rebuild so it was pretty exciting for him. I drove it to - like a nana haha its very powerful and scary!! I recently got a re-tune on my car and its driving much better so I'm stoked with that.
Now onto my outfit in case cars don't interest you! I couldn't help wearing this peplum top from Asos again with my red hair hehe, paired it with plain black mini, some cute suspender leggings for a bit of attitude and some boots!

Skirt - Supre
Peplum Top - Asos
Tights - Boohoo
Boots - The Warehouse
I'm off to get ready for a night out now, happy Saturday lovelies xxx


  1. Ur bf is building a car.. :0 sooo cool... U dies your hair red, looking very nice and i love your top.. Nice colour..
    Keep in touch

  2. Those tights are awsome, I dont think i could pull them off, but you rock them. How exciting that the car is going!

  3. congrats on the car retuning! :) and I love the Asos suspenders, I've got the same! :)

    Metallic Paws


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