Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How to Dress with Red Hair

Hi Lovelies, hope your week is going well. I had to get three fillings and a wisdom tooth taken out today so I've been better! I went to work after and my mouth was still numb for a few hours so that was was trying to drink some water haha. I was managing ok after the anaesthetic wore off until I got an escalation at work and had to talk for a bit and could taste blood :( I am safely at home now though and not talking for awhile! I have never had a tooth out before so its a bit of a different sensation for me. Check out my Instagram for a gnarly pic of my extracted tooth hehe.
Anyways onto my outfit! See how my hair looks a lot redder in these pics? So random. Anyway bright hair = either wanting to dress bright as well or quite plain like black so the hair is the bright part of the "outfit". This day obviously I went for bright! Electric Blue, leopard and a sprinkle of green.

Jeans - Valley Girl
Shirt - Factorie
Jersey - Dotti
Heels - Cotton On
Happy Wednesday Lovelies xxx


  1. I adore your hair against the blue - it looks just amazing! Really cute outfit - it looks comfortable and casual but well put together :)
    Sian xx Rebel Angel


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