Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Piercings and Bling

I keep forgetting to post pics of my new piercing! I got it for my 25th Bday :) I also got me some new bling for my belly piercing so thought i'd post :)

This is my new belly bling:

I love it! Its a gorg colour and I love the cute butterfly hehe.

My new piercing is in my ear, I figured I have enough on my face haha:

I wanted a new funky ear piercing and I like the cute wee ring.

I have to whinge now. I had the worst sleep lastnight, awake since 5am :( We have new neighbours and they have TWO loud cars which they start up ever morning early and leave idling in the drive then when they finally take off they do skids or just take off at a great set of knots......this morning 5am they started up then AGAIN at 5 to 7. I got so upset and frustrated at 5am that I couldnt get back to sleep. Im not a good sleeper at the best of times and this just is really kicking me in the guts. Every morning I am getting woken up, I dunno what to do :(  Im gonna go to bed early tonight and try get as much sleep as possibe before they wake me up tomorrow morning...



  1. Awesome, I have a belly ring, but I'm considering taking it out. Not for any reason other than just because :)

  2. Awww you cant take it out check out the cute bling you can decorate it with ;)


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