Sunday, July 4, 2010

Shopping up a storm!

Hey guys another weekend over :( I didnt do a hell of alot lol but thats ok I have a busy one next weekend!! Ive been shopping alot lately naughty me! Its just that theres so many sales on and I am quite enjoying having a bit of extra money in my pay check each fortnight! BUT alas I am shopped out now I think I have more than enough...for now :P For less than $200 I scored myself 2 pairs of jeans, a leather jacket, new bling for my belly button piercing, shorts for the gym, 2 belts, a cute satiny top.....I think thats it! But holy all that for under $200 brand new is pretty damn good! Rather stoked with myself. I am making up for it a little by selling some stuff on Trademe tho :)

To some outfit pics:

Tights - Farmers
Heels - Kumfs
Lace Skirt - Jay Jays
Striped top - Cotton On
Blazer - Thrifted

Rocking my new Blazer again! I matched it with my bright blue tights :)

Boots - The Warehouse
Stockings - Farmers
Skirt - Supre
T-shirt - Mum
Blazer - Farmers
Necklace  $1 to $8 Shop

Other than shopping I havent done alot this weekend, was nice not to be hungover today! I did still drink lastnight tho lol. Had lunch at the mall with my bf today and I was sitting at a table waiting for him and this little old lady sits down and starts eating her food....awkward! I couldnt tell her to piss off lol. I was looking forward to having lunch with my boy alone though.....we visited some mates and I scored a free car wash at the petrol station from one yay hehe.

Back to the gym tomorrow, I think its starting to show I swear my stomach is flatter! Gotta keep it up!!


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