Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Stripes, Jeans and Dogs...

I picked up this top last week for $12 :) I wanted a baggyish stripey top and yay for on special!

Top - Glassons
Jeggings - Kmart
Boots - Number one shoe warehouse

I bought these jeans below and couldnt resist trying them on with my stripey top :)

Ripped jeans - Supre
Heels - Kumfs

What look do you like better?

Now im sure your wondering about the Dog part of my title wellllll as you can see in the picture below I live in an apartment and they are quite close together, when I was taking these pics I noticed there was a dog in the neighbours "backyard"!!! I didnt even realise there was a dog there (they havent lived there for long) and I know that we arent allowed dogs.....however we are renting and they may have brought the house so I guess they can have pets if they want.....seems a bit odd though as theres no room for the dog to run around and its so close to the neighbours if its going to bark alot etc....

Counting down to the weekend now, ony two more days of work then its on!


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