Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Show us ya waist coat

I never really see any other bloggers wearing waiscoats or vests of whatever you want to call them.....but I dont care I think its cute! Its so comfy and it just adds something more to the outfit :)

Jeans - Jay Jays
Heels - Number one shoe warehouse
Top - Glassons
Waistcoat - Max
Earrings - A gift
Bangles - Cotton On and Equip
Necklace - My bf

This pics a bit blurry sorry. Im getting over winter, it hasnt snowed or anything but its getting very frosty in the morning and everything is icing up! Ive nearly assed over several times walking to work lol. Im proud of myself for still walking to work everyday and hitting the gym often too :) I better see results!

Thats all for now byeeeeeeeeeee x

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