Sunday, August 28, 2011

Coral and Studs

Hi Lovelies! The weather this weekend has been pretty great especially yesterday - warm enough not to wear tights even! Its making me rather excited about summer and just over two months until our holiday in the Gold Coast eeeeeeeee. Ive had a good weekend so far, drinks at a mates Friday night then ventured out finally to check out the only nightclub in Christchurch at the moment....ave. Went to the boys auntie's 50th last night I had a massive food baby going on haha. Today I accidentally went shopping and it was one of those trips where you just find heaps of stuff! I got such great bargains think $90 leopard print blazer for $40, $60 pants for $10 - crazy! I got some things Ive wanted to get for awhile and a few extras, I only paid full price for two items and one that was a bra and some dry shampoo so pretty good going! Cant wait to style up all my new pieces including the wedges I got yesterday :)

I have a bit of a rosy cheeked glow going on here....thats what happens when I drink haha, I try not to take outfit pictures after Ive been drinking but sometimes it has to be done! I wore this out recently, I wanted the skirt to be the statement so teamed it with black, I didnt want the black to be too boring though so wore my black sequined top for a bit of bling.

Happy Sunday lovelies, take care if you are in the path of the Hurricane xxx


  1. Pretty skirt!! :) I'm hanging out for pay day so I can go shopping!! I found a couple of op shops in invers and got some awesome goodies!! :) thank god for iPhones and gps or I would be so lost...


  2. I love this skirt, coral's one of my fav colours. Exciting that you are going to the Gold Coast, I love it there :)
    I did some shopping on the weekend too - there were some great sales! Especially in Valley Girl of all places!!

    Sadie x

  3. Thanks hun! I know I cant wait eeeeek, although I think I wrote its 2 months till we go but its actually 3 :( Valley girl can have some great stuff every now and again! xx

  4. LOVE that skirt, the colour is stunning!! Might have to go have a nosy at glassons on pay day...
    "Accidental shopping" always has the best results, when you want something it's nowhere to be found!!
    3 months will pass in no time, you'll be soaking up the sun before you know it :)

  5. Thanks hun! Theres a few good bargains at glassons at the moment worth a lookie :) For sure your so right - isnt that annoying though?! Hope so, time flies as the weather warms up huh :)

  6. I love that colour on you, and I'm so jealous the weather is getting good, I'm currently recovering from my first cold of (not quite yet) Autumn, so unfair! Have a good week sweetheart xo

  7. Thanks so much hun! Hope you get better soon xx


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