Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Shoes!

Hey Lovelies, I think Im finally shaking this head cold Ive got yay! I ventured out today as some of the snow has melted and I took the DVD's we rented back, Ive been cooped up inside for days so I stopped in at the Warehouse and accidentally bought two new pairs of shoes! So worth it though they were both on special, the boots were originally $45 and I got both pairs and a DVD for $45 score! Cant wait to style both these puppies up :)

Both from The Warehouse

Heres to no more snow and back to work tomorrow! Happy Wednesday folks xxx


  1. Uh-o don't tell me there is a sale!! Haha oh dear...


  2. haha sure is......when isnt there a sale at The warehouse though right? :P


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