Friday, August 5, 2011

Positives out of Negatives

Hi Lovelies, TGIF huh? In case you are wondering about the title of my post I shall enlighten you. Yesterday I had an appointment, I sat and waited for 20 minutes before deciding to knock on the door that the person was in and ask how much longer they were going to be.....long story short I had changed my appointment and turned up was ignored for 20 minutes until I said something and then they had no record of my appointment - they hadnt bothered to put it in their system.... I wasnt happy, there is also past problems I have had with their (lack of) customer service so not impressed! I got a call tonight from the Manager who was very nice and advised my revised (again) appointment on Saturday will be free saving me $100 score! So the moral of the story is positives can come out of negatives, I only hope they took everything on board to ensure something I experienced doesnt happen again!

Jeans - JayJays, Top - Glassons, Necklace - Sportsgirl, Heels - Warehouse

Such a lovely necklace!

I wore this outfit to work drinks recently, please exscuse the hair I have a lot of it and it does take a bit of time to straighten and I didnt have time to as you can tell!! I am finally rocking the necklace I won from Emma's giveaway I love it! It adds that bit extra to a plain top.

Happy Friday loves have a great weekend! xxx


  1. Well, that sounds horribly annoying, you're right though, it's nice when something positive comes out of a less than fantastic situation.

    I love that colour of red on you, it looks absolutely lovely, the cut is amazing as well. Cute necklace xo

  2. i love the cute necklace!

    Neat post... wanna follow each other!

  3. You won that necklace?? That's awesome!!

    We had a positive/negative experience last night - went for an engagement meal at Hippopotamus at $100 a head - and they served nuts to the guy who got engaged after we'd specifically told them at the start of the meal that he has a severe allergy! he had to make himself sick - but then both he and his fiancee got their meals and drinks free!!

    Sadie x

  4. Oh wow thats not good at all! Glad it all worked out though and yay for free stuff! xx

  5. love the colour of your top, your blog is soo lovely to by the ways, i will be visiting it again very soon :)


  6. Thank you so much Ria glad you like it! xx


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