Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stripes, Lace and Leather

Hey Lovelies, hope you liked my party pics from yesterday - something a bit different! Back to outfits today and some more pattern mixing! This time Ive paired stripes with lace and added some leather to top it off :) Exscuse the bad hair day Im much too lazy to have perfect hair all the time......maybe I should put some more effort in? Ugh it would take so long though as I have so much hair - anyone got any simple hair do's to hide horrible hair like mine? Fire at me!

I must apologise also for my shit backgrounds, our backyard is so tiny and when theres shadows theres only a few places you can stand so you arent in shadows....so you get to see our clothes line and an ice cream container whoo hoo!

Happy Tuesday folks, time for a movie! xxx


  1. Leather & lace are a favourite combination of mine, I love the contrast in textures.
    Loved your perty shots too, looks like you had a good night :)

  2. Nice combination!! :) Heh umm I just spray surf spray in my hair and scrunch it up when I'm feeling lazy - good cose it looks cool, bad cose then it hurts brushing out the tugs later :(

    Oh and I found an AMAZING turkish place in Invercargill for tasty kebabs and turkish delight so I'm a happy girl :)



  3. Messy bun, chignon, fishtail braid or side braid

  4. Cant beat leather and lace I reckon! Thanks KC, I have some surf spray actually, I should try it out! Oh thats great to hear whats it called? I miss the kebabs there, havent come across any half as good anywhere else :(

    Thanks Elle, some good idea there, i often wear a side braid, think i shall try some messy buns more often! Would love to do a fishtail braid but I dont know how :(


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