Sunday, August 14, 2011

Did you miss me?

Hi Lovelies, im back from my week away in Auckland! Had a good week, room service, movies, catching up with the folks, a bit of working in between haha and then topped off with a massive work do on Friday night - wine and food and entertainment galore! Ive come home to the threat of another snow storm which is supposed to be much worse than the last one.....Ive been looking out the window constantly all day, the weather has been super weird, blue sky and sun then hail then sun then wind then sun then cant seem to make up its mind. No sign of snow yet though but the temperature keeps dropping so stay tuned its all very exciting haha.

I also received a Blog award from the lovely KC at A sparkly silver lining thanks so much chicky!

Sorry guys its been so long im babbling heres some outfit pics! I'll be sure to post up some fun party pics from my work do tomorrow.

Boots - Farmers, Jeans - JayJays, Cardy - Cotton On, Belt - Trademe

I decided to try the wrap around braiding thing (yes I know its not called that but I cant remember what it is called!) Ive seen a few bloggers do, Im not sure if it suits me but the bf liked it so cant be too bad! Mine is slightly more interesting as its purple haha

Hope you guys had a lovely week and a great weekend! xxx


  1. LOVE the plait, how did you do it??
    Can you believe it's snowed again?! I know they said it would but I didn't believe it until now.
    Hope you're somewhere warm & snug xo

  2. Its easy peasy although I didnt do the best job lol put some hair up then with the rest make two plaits and put one over one said of your head and the other over the other side and pin - done! I know its crazy! I was driving down Blenheim Rd today and it was -1 at like 4pm brrrrr! I reckon it'll snow again tonight too....wonder if Ill be at work tomorrow!

  3. Wow, I thought that would be way more complicated than that! Might have to give that a go when my hair is a bit longer.
    -1 bugger that! I'm staying inside in the warmth!!


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