Thursday, August 25, 2011

Patterns & Good News!

Hey Lovelies, no comments on my last post - guess ya'll felt the same about it as I did! Perhaps I should post next time I think that about my outfit then lol.

Onto the good news! I sat my first Insurance exam recently and I got my results today - I passed! 88% even so stoked!! Ive got 4 more papers to sit but still Im so stoked as I havent done an exam or an assignment or studied for a VERY long time haha

Anywho Im finally rocking the tights I won off Emma's blog!

Tights - Sportsgirl, Heels - Jeffrey Campbell, Skirt - Supre, Jacket - Glassons, Top - Tempt, Aviators - Bf's

Yay for Friday tomorrow in the mean time happy Thursday lovelies xxx


  1. Pretty tights! :) and yes, am looking at buyin a house in invers, the one I like is 5 bed so would have room to make cakes and have a home office!! :)


  2. Yay for Fridays indeed - and how cool that you won those tights! I really like your skirt, I am thinking I MAY try one on in that style when I go shopping tomorrow as I've seen several ways of wearing them that seem to be flattering for a lady with thighs like myself (not you of course!!!) :)

    Sadie xxx

  3. LOVE those shoes!!! Did you get them here or have to ship them???
    Congrats on your exam results, go you :)
    I really like the coral top in your last post too xo

  4. Sounds good KC! Thanks ladies - yay its Friday! x

  5. Congrats! I hate exams, it is always so stressful waiting for results! I'm sure you'll do fantastically though. Those tights are so fantastic! xo

  6. Thanks Alice, yeah they arent fun....only four more to go haha xx

  7. ooh they look awesome, suit you a lot


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