Sunday, August 7, 2011

Plaid and Stripes

Hi Lovelies, how was your weekend? Mine was pretty chilled, ventured out Saturday night for a mates Birthday drinks and watched the rugby - we caned Australia whoo hoo, lets hope the All Blacks keep that up for the up coming Rugby World Cup!

I decided to rock some pattern mixing again, Not going to lie this outfit was super comfy! It was a rather windy day unfortunately so exscuse the wind blown hair and check out my awesome face in picture two that pretty much sums up my feelings of the wind haha.

Boots - Farmers, Jeans - JayJays, Shirt - Savemart, Cardy - Trademe

Im off to Auckland tomorrow for the week, second attempt as the snow a few weeks ago buggered my last attempt to get there! Gonna be working and then have a work function Friday night - its going to be epic! So I shall see you folks next weekend xxx


  1. Love this! I love the plaid with the stripes - you do look super comfy!!! Great blog! :)

  2. Thank you very much Sherry! xx

  3. cute outfit and love your face expressions!

  4. I need to do more of this. I'm doing a post on beauty products specific to NZ. I traveled a bit there a couple of years ago and have used up the stuff I bought there, without writing the names down. If you wanna help, let me know.

  5. Cute boots!!

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    I will follow your blog!!

  6. Thank you ladies xx Elle im sure I could help you :)

  7. Hey hey! :) Hope you've had a great week, I just gave you a blog award so come over and check it out when you get a chance! :) I hope you can see my photos now too :( And any cool places I should check out in Invercargill??



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