Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Thats what the twitterverse is calling all this snow just FYI :P It snowed even worse than the night before lastnight so no work again for me today. The boy ventured to work but was home by two as it was so quiet as hardly anyone else was open. I dont think its supposed to be worse so I'd say I will be attempting to get to work tomorrow.....just hope the snow doesnt ice up the roads like last time....

To my snow pics! I picked up this jersey in Auckland last week I love it! I also recently bought this black jacket so decided to rock them all together.

Wedges - Glassons, Skirt & Top - Valley Girl, Tights - Farmers, Jacket - Shanton, Necklace - Giveaway

Happy Tuesday lovelies! xxx


  1. Man I'm so gutted I'm missing this snow-fest! Barely anything down here. Heading to Dunedin tomorrow and it's meant to snow again thurs so hopefully I'll get some then!!



  2. waow.. snow in this time of the year! so weird to me.

  3. That snow looks fantastic! I hope the roads aren't too dangerous though. Love your cosy looking outfit, those booties are fantastic xo

  4. Hopefully you get some snow KC! Its a bit of a pain to be honest though lol. Yep Cylia just like having a white christmas would be super weird for me! Thanks a lot Alice, Im at home sick today so will be an interesting drive to work tomorrow as the roads are all icy now :(


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