Monday, August 1, 2011

Black and Blue.....and red

Hey sweets, did you have a good weekend? Today was a killer MOnday work was insanely busy and Im on the countdown to my exam on Thursday - stressing out!! I really need to study study study but finding time to do it and being able to concentrate are two different things.....ugh.

Anywho enough jibber jabber onto my outfit! I felt very girly and cute in this outfit, had to harden it up a bit with the wedges though hehe. I picked up the cardy recently for $10 I love it, its actually navy blue and white stripes but it does look more black in the pics.

Wedges - Glassons, Cardy - Trademe, Tights - Farmers, Dress - Supre, Necklace - Bday gift from Mum

Just wanted to thank you all for your lovely comments, they really mean alot to me :)

Happy Monday lovelies - xxx


  1. Cute necklace! :) I'm not sure why you can't see my pics :( I just set it up for a mobile version if that helps. I hope it fixes itself at some point!


  2. Love the outfit, love the added pink to it, super cute. Beautiful necklace. I love stripes

  3. Nice photo ;)
    I love your shoes <3

  4. I hope so to KC! Thanks you all for the lovely comments xx

  5. cute look, i love your wedges!

    now following you, please follow back!

  6. Thank you glad you enjoy my blog ;) xx

  7. Hahahah - where is the snow?? Where are your thermals??!?! ;P

    It is a LOT colder down there than what I'm used to up here ;) But we did have a lot of beautiful days in the sunshine too.

    Love your boots - I must have missed them in Glassons!

    Sadie x

  8. The snow was last week :P I cant do outfit pictures in thermals lol. Thanks hun xx


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