Sunday, July 31, 2011

One down, one to go

Hi Lovelies, how has your weekend been? Ive had a nice weekend, one of those weekends where nothing is planned but you end up having fun. Just chilled at home Friday then studied and went and bought the bf a wee mini laptop for his birthday thats coming up, they were on special so had to get in quick! While there I wandered into a shop with a nothing over $20 sale......I came away with a jacket, dress, sleeveless cardy thing and a bag for just under $70!! So stoked. Saturday night the bf conveniently forgot to mention he'd been invited to a bbq and his mates rocked up to pick him up.....long story short thank god I was wearing something cute already haha I quickyl changed my boots and put some perfume on and off we went to a bbq then to a mates Mums 60th! Free bar tab FTW! So ended up being a good night. Chilled out today and bought a funky new coffee table, will get the boy to assemble it after dinner!

Socks - Glassons, Tights - Farmers, Skirt - Valley Girl, Top - Cotton On, Jacket - Glassons, Wedges - Number 1 Shoes

Im selling this skirt as I have two so thought I'd style it up one more time.

Anywho as for the title of my post, I got my assignment results yesterdau and I passed!! So stoked, but now I'm all stressed out about my exam on Thursday......I have to pass!

Happy Sunday loves xxx


  1. Unexpected parties are always the best! This outfit is lovely, I'm such a sucker for over the knee tights :)

    Congrats on passing your first exam xo

  2. Ooh i love your socks and the colour of your hair is super cool! I've just started my blog, please have a look when you can/ follow me. There should be some interesting posts on the way. Thanks x

  3. Thank you very much ladies! xx


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