Tuesday, July 26, 2011

And another snow day....

Hi Lovelies, it hasnt snowed again since yesterday but it hasnt dissapeared as it is still super cold. Unfortunately super cold and snow = snow freezes and theres black ice everywhere which = driving to work and sliding through a red light because my wheels are all locked up and getting stuck in the work carpark and having to be towed out which = a shit day and fricking annoying!!

Alas the day started off pretty, we got to go into work a bit later and I got the boy to snap some pics in the backyard :)

Boots - Cotton On, Cardy - Recycle Boutique, Tights - Farmers, Skirt - Supre, Top - Kmart
Gloves - Warehouse

Gorgeous view of our street. The sun was shining today which was lovely but it hasnt melted all of the snow and its still pretty nippy so I'd say the snow is going to freeze over again and it will be another dodgy day on the road tomorrow :(

Oh and on the good news front we are finally getting a heatpump installed tomorrow yay!!! I seriously cant wait. Hope you have all had a lovely start to your week xxx


  1. I always find it kinda tough to dress for snow. You look adorable and snug in your layers!


  2. Awww thanks so much Sabrina! x

  3. Great layering! :) snow is almost all melted here, was finally able to drive to work today which was nice! Are all my pics not showing on my blog? They seem to work on my iphone and hopefully i can check the net at my parents later this week. Thanks for the heads up!



  4. Hey chicky, I refused to drive today so got a ride with a colleague instead :) Still massive amounts of ice and snow out there not good! I had a look again and the pictures dont show up in your posts, i tried clicking on where the pics should be & it takes me to the picture....seems very odd. I dont have that problem with any other blogs so not sure whats going on! xx

  5. Lovely simple outfit! :)



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