Monday, July 25, 2011

Snow Day!

Hi Lovelies, I wasnt planning on posting today but Im not at work, I am instead stuck at home because its snowing!! It doesnt snow very often in Christchurch and when it does its not normally anything much but as you can see from my pictures its a decent snow! It started late last night and hasnt rally stopped much, the roads are horrible I havent even bothered trying to drive or go anywhere. No work today and as you know I am supposed to be flying to Auckland tonight but so far flights have all been cancelled so notsure whats going to happen flight details and work stuff I needed to take are all at work but looks like I wont be getting them before I (hopefully) go tonight. Will have to wait and see!

Heres some snow pictures for you:

Wearing -Cardy- Valley Girl, Skirt & Scarf - Trademe, Boots - Farmers, Top - JayJays, Belt - Trendz,Tights - Farmers


Its rather cold I must admit and unfortunately we dont really have much heating, we are supposed to be getting a heatpump but Im not sure when, so Im tryng to keep warm! So far we have watched movies and I baked some muffins hehe

If your in NZ is it snowing where you are? Happy Monday folks! xxx


  1. I saw this on the news before, 'a snow storm blizzard blankets new zealand' were the words. how exciting.

  2. lol is that what it said? I wouldnt call it a blizzard, but yeah pretty damn cold and plenty of snow! Lets hope it keeps snowing so i dont have to go to work haha

  3. It's pretty fresh out there, I thought it would melt over night like it usually does but nope it's actually settled for a change.
    How do you keep warm without a heatpump???
    Loving the leopard scarf & cardi <3
    Good luck with your trip to Auckland!

  4. That sux that you couldn't make it up north :(
    It looks like it'll start to melt soon, hopefully the roads won't be too dodgy.
    They have them in other colours too, so cosy & warm :)


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