Saturday, July 2, 2011


Hi Lovelies, sorry I didnt post yesterday worked all day then hit the gym then had a 30th/engagement party to go to so didnt get time! These pictures are from my Birthday drinkys.....see how behind I am with my pictures? This is nearly a month ago now.....earthquakes do that to a blog ya know. Ive been waiting for an opportunity to wear this white dress and my awesome new wedges and what better time than my birthday! Since its winter here I had to rock the tights, cant wait to wear both again in summer!

Dress - Tempt, Tights - Farmers, Wedges - Wild Pair

Arent they funky? I think I have a wedge obsession......I accidentally went shopping today hehe I got a promotion so that will = more money so why not go shopping to celebrate! I scored a cute winter coat, 2 skirts, some over the knee socks and a gorgeous lace top, cant wait to style them up!

Happy Saturday xxx


  1. What a cute outfit. I love the dress! I dunno if this'll sound strange or not but I always manage to forget that it's winter on the other side of the world while it's summer here.

  2. Thanks ladies! It doesnt sound silly Katie dont worry, I would forget too cept most of the blogs I follow are on the other side of the world! x


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