Saturday, July 23, 2011


Hi Lovelies, missed you yesterday we had the carnival day at work then a mates leaving drinks by the time I got home I was rather tiddly lol not a good idea to blog then! This outfit is very "busy" but I like it, its one of my more girly outfits I can never stick to one look but hey isnt that boring anyway? Im rocking lace, leopard, polka dots and studs all in grey and black.

Heels - Kumfs, Socks & Tights - Glassons, Skirt - Cotton On, Lace top - The Warehouse, Blazer - JayJays, Belt - Trendz

I had to put ths picture in it cracks me up!!!

Rocking some mad jewelery too, cant recall where each piece is from sorry!

The carnival day at work yesterday was super fun, we got fairy bread, hot dogs, pretzels and caramel pop corn on top of various competitions and prizes, a donut eating competition and a fortune teller. One of the dudes also got a cream pie in the face - it was epic I tells ya! Was a good way to end the week.

Happy Saturday loves its sooo cold here in chur chur....brrrrr haha xxx


  1. Love this outfit! :) thanks for following me on twitter! Gonna follow your blog :) stop by mine sometime! :)



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