Sunday, July 24, 2011


Hi lovelies, hope you have had a fab weekend! Its sooo cold right now, threatening to snow. In fact Facebook is telling me that its snowing in some areas around the city! I had a random night last night which was rather fun, our mate was bounsing at a random pub in New Brighton so we ventured out got a car load and drove round, checked out the pub for awhile and did more randomg driving - best thing about driving around Christchurch on the booze now? Theres plenty of port a loos around for when nature calls!! haha it was very convenient if we wrent near a petrol station. Yes Im very classy :P

Anywho I have been on the search some time now for the "perfect" pair of nude heels.....unfortunately  havent been able to find any that suit all my needs so for now I will browse the internet and wait (semi) patiently until the right pair comes along.....

Im off to Auckland tomorrow for the working week so no blog posts till next weekend - have a great week lovelies and I will see you next weekend! xxx


  1. I have been trying to find the perfect pair of nude pumps in my price range for over a year with zero luck.

  2. I know its so frustrating!!


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