Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Hi Lovelies, today I bring you some pictures from Miss ALternative which I competed in last Saturday night. Unfortunately I did not place but I had super fun!! We had lovely people who did our hair and makeup and lots of photographers and an all around good time. There were three rounds and three outfits. I only managed to get a few shots on my phone after the competition, I am waiting for the professional shots of us gals on the runway to post for you :)

My last outfit was a cop outfit, pretty much a dead cop - it was Halloween themed! I had a gunshot wound on my chest which you cant see, blood coming from my ears and mouth and black around my eyes for that dead look :)

With Shayna one of the other competitors - she was a mad scientist!
With my girl Laveena - mafa styles!
The girls and their guns!
We went to a club down the road after and I ran into a few of my friends - the boys in blue so of course I had to get a picture!
Hope you enjoyed my pictures, hopefully I will have some more for you soon. We havent had any trick or treaters, I wasnt really expecting any there arent too many kids in my area and we are in a back section - plus I didnt by any lollies haha.
We just had a decent aftershock just as I was writing this so thats my fright for this Halloween!
Happy Wednesday Lovelies xxx



  1. I am so over the aftershocks! My puppies freaked out a bit :( Poor little guys.

    Looks like you had fun!
    Your hair looks stunning with the blue tips <3

    Definitely due for a catch up! Can't do this Sunday or next but maybe the one after? Sorry it's taking so long :(

  2. YOU ARE A HOT BITCHHHH! I just noticed the blue tips, they were camouflaged by the uniform! Looks awesome! How often do you get aftershocks? That sounds horrible. I am sure I would panic every time it happened! Can't wait for more pics :)

    1. haha thanks hun! Yes they were a bit hard to spot with the blue on blue! They are actually blue AND purple ;) Not too often now but that was certainly a decent one - clearly Mother nature doesnt want us to forget about her!! x

  3. I love the costumes! Unfortunately, we won't be celebrating Halloween over here because of the hurricane that just came through.

    I am very happy to have discovered your blog! I'm always on the hunt for interesting and new blogs; I'm adding you to my Google Reader so I can keep up with your updates. :)

    The Queen of Hearts

    1. Thats a shame hun, hope you are all safe :) Glad you enjoy, look forward to seeing you again soon! xx

  4. haha great photos! your costume is awesome x

  5. great costume! love how everyone got in the spirit too!



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