Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nude-ing Up

Hi Lovelies, how is your week going? Mines going pretty good so far, pay day today!haha Got our yearly bonus too but godammit I HATE TAX. Makes a good looking bonus look shite pretty swiftly!
Anyway enough about tax. I bought this dress from Romwe as I liked the pleat detail etc, the colour wasnt something I normally wear but it looked darker in the pictures online.....when I got it I was like ummmm I dont think this is my colour. I wore it anyway as I dont like to waste things but Im still just not sure its me. What do you think? Washes me out? Looks fab? Hit me with your thoughts (be honest, but nice honest!) if you all vote its a no go I shall sell on good ol Trade me!

Dress - Romwe, Belt - From a skirt, Boots - Warehouse, Tights - Farmers
Also I would love it if anyone who is on Facebook could take the time to LIKE my picture here and share with your friends and get them to LIKE too. I have gone crazy and entered myself into a competition to be "Miss Alternative 2012", Im unlikely to win but if I get the most LIKES I will win the peoples choice awards! Go on. Also if you are in Christchurch (NZ) then come see the show!
Happy Hump Day Lovelies xxx
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  1. Well I think you should keep it because it looks SUPER HAWTTTTTT on you! How have you been? I am super jealous of your Europe trip! The pics look awesome! And you have the coolest hair as always :)

    1. Awww thanks Kirsten! Ive been great thanks, trip was super awesome! Hope you have been well xx

  2. I think it looks great! as long as you pair it with dark accessories (which you have!) I don't think it will wash you out :) xx


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